#3years2long, read what Christine Assange has to say.

To mark 3 years Julian Assange has been in the Ecuadorian Embassy
SAWCSydney held a rally Fri 19-6-2015 outside the UK Consulate Sydney.

Here’s a copy of the speech by Christine Assange, with more to come by the other speakers Wendy Bacon, David Shoebridge & Stuart Rees over the next few days.
As our sound system was hacked through it’s bluetooth capabilities and we had no control over the sound system, it playing a forced discussion on the Qur’an being at full volume, hence the delay as sound of speakers was restricted.
In the mean time read & share Christine’s update.

Setting up outside UK Consulate Sydney 2015-06-19

As Christine Assange is away with the flu, here’s a copy of the speech from Christine Assange as read out by Gail Malone.

Welcome!…and many thanks to supporters old and new for being here today, to stand up for justice for Australian journalist Julian Assange, and his work as Editor in Chief of the whistleblowing website Wikileaks.

Although uncharged with any crime, anywhere in the world, at the request of the US , the UK Govt has detained Julian for nearly 5 years now, under constant 24 hour surveillance and house arrest.

Today marks 3 yrs of his refuge in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London. Ecuador granted Julian political asylum due to threats on his life and liberty by the US Govt and its agencies.

Again, bowing to US pressure, the UK Govt breached international law with a 3 year ongoing 24 hr police siege of the Ecuadorean Embassy, preventing Julian leaving to take up lawful residency in Ecuador.

This misuse and waste of police time and money has cost the UK taxpayer upwards of £10 mill and climbing. 

London’s Lord Mayor has expressed concern that these resources would be better spent on real policing.

Perhaps this money and police resources could be directed into a thorough investigation of the longstanding serious allegations of unsavoury criminal activity among a certain group of politicians in the UK parliament!

For the past 5 years Julian has been denied legal rights and justice. 

For the past 3 years the UK Govt has denied him even the basic human rights given to prisoners..the right to have a minimum of 1 hour a day of exercise, fresh air and sunshine.

Why is this happening to an uncharged multi-award winning investigative journalist?

Could it have something to do with Wikileaks busily exposing corruption in high places?

Blockading Julian in the embassy for the past 3 years has ironically backfired on the US.

With more time on his hands Julian and Wikileaks have been even more prolific, transitioning from being perceived as a maverick outsider to a globally respected and trusted media organisation.

With a new state of the art submission system and sophisticated archival and search facilities, Wikileaks is leading a transformation in journalism, and is now a valued resource for investigative journalists globally.

Thanks to whistleblowers and Wikileaks the world has recently been informed about the details of the biggest so called Free Trade Agreement in history, the TPP and her ugly sisters TISA and the TTIP.

These 3 treaties were to be kept secret from the public until 5 years after being signed.

This Trojan Horse of ruthless US corporations would turn our Parliaments into brothels and our politicians into mere pimps of Wall St…A corporate caliphate straddling the world like a giant octopus with its tentacles reaching into and controlling every aspect of our lives..undermining our environment, businesses, farms, health services, civil rights, democracy and sovereignty.

Julian and the Wikileaks team have reached out to protect  whistleblowers and journalists world wide.

After helping Edward Snowden to safety, in 2013 they set up The Courage Foundation. The board of directors also includes lawyers, journalists and whistleblowers from the CIA, FBI and MI5. The Courage Foundation gives whistleblowers and journalists the skills and resources to protect themselves from political persecution, and runs the Legal Defence Fund for Edward Snowden and other whistleblowers.

Since being trapped in the Embassy by the UK Govt, Julian has found the time to write and co-author 3  highly informative books and produce 2 powerful films on power and corruption…all of which were well received.

His book “When Google Met Wikileaks” is a constant reference for those interested in the Surveillance State.
Last year the European Parliament invited Julian to address them on corruption based on the Wikileaks Cablegate documents.

Wikileaks has been successful in its legal actions against the 3 big corporations, Pay Pal, MasterCard and Visa, who were involved in the illegal Banking Blockade against Wikileaks donations.

Shining a light on the absurdity of Julians extradition case was instrumental in getting the European Arrest Warrant legislation changed in the UK, so that UK citizens can no longer be extradited without charge.

We need a brave new media for our Brave New World of Globalisation and Mass Surveillance..
The world needs whistleblowers and journalists who will give us the truth, so we have the correct information to solve our problems, and protect ourselves from the abuses of power.

Julian once described Wikileaks as “The Intelligence Agency of the People”
It is a fitting description!

The truth..from the people.
For the people
Funded and defended
By the people

Julian and the Wikileaks team have shown extraordinary courage under fire.
The UK Govt has shown extraordinary cowardice!

Julians fight for justice and freedom is everyones fight for justice and freedom.
His future is our future and our children’s future.

Despite everything, Wikileaks and Julian are still standing, and we are all still standing with them.

#3years2long Julian #Assange has been denied safe passage to his country of asylum by UK Govt

June 19 – 2015 marks 3 years Julian Assange has been in the Ecuadorian Embassy London and denied safe passage to his country of asylum by the UK Government, making up nearly 5 years he has not had freedom of movement since initial house restriction in late 2010.
To note this sad occasion of gross injustice (where is the Australian Govt and why is Ecuador stepping in?) please join the gathering of people outside UK Consulate, 5:30pm Fri 19-6-2015 1 Macquarie Pl Circular Quay Sydney 2000, calling on the UK Govt to allow Julian Assange safe travel.
The EU laws have changed so they can’t be abused the way Sweden has abused them (& JA) with their spurious accusations, yet Julian is still bound by the old ineffective laws.
War-profiteering oligarchs hell bent on shutting up anyone who points out their failings (with their own documents), use Governments to violate their own charter and laws to persecute people like Julian Assange and hence the rest of society. Join fellow citizens via event page to make your voice heard.

The speakers include;

Wendy Bacon: Walkley Award winning Investigative Journalist
Stuart Rees AM: Em Prof, Founder of Sydney Peace Prize
David Shoebridge: NSW Greens MP, Shadow Attorney General

JA in Ecuadorian Emabassy 2015 1



Without WikiLeaks we’d be in the dark re- #TPP & #ISDS

Since the 3rd leak on the Trans Pacific Partnership from WikiLeaks their has been a greater insight into what is being forced upon our society by multi-national corporations (coincidentally most are war profiteers) to convert our democracy into a corporatocracy (high tech feudalism).
Check out this easy to read website explaining the ISDS (Investor State Dispute Settlement) scheme were the tribunal deciding on whether our change in laws has a detrimental effect on their right to “free trade”. ISDS is made up of the same people, as advocates (for corporations) role swap with the judges on each changing matter. Also go to this page for local and international petitions and letters, sign and share.
TPP at #BustTheBudget 6-7-2014 cropped