Without WikiLeaks we’d be in the dark re- #TPP & #ISDS

Since the 3rd leak on the Trans Pacific Partnership from WikiLeaks their has been a greater insight into what is being forced upon our society by multi-national corporations (coincidentally most are war profiteers) to convert our democracy into a corporatocracy (high tech feudalism).
Check out this easy to read website explaining the ISDS (Investor State Dispute Settlement) scheme were the tribunal deciding on whether our change in laws has a detrimental effect on their right to “free trade”. ISDS is made up of the same people, as advocates (for corporations) role swap with the judges on each changing matter. Also go to this page for local and international petitions and letters, sign and share.
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Public Forum on the Trans-Pacific Partnership #TPP: Find out what’s being done in your name.

Thursday, April 16 12:30-2 pm, Jubilee RoomNSW Parliament House Macquarie Street, SydneyTPP release the text
Secret TPP negotiations between Australia, the US, Japan and nine other Pacific Rim countries are continuring into late May.  Recent leaked documents confirm proposals which could result in higher medicine prices, more internet copyright restrictions, less ability to regulate food imports and special rights through ISDS (Investor State Dispute Settlement) for corporations to sue governments if we make changes in our laws and/or policies, including health, environment and other policy or law they deem an “intrusion on their right to free trade”. A Senate inquiry is investigating the secrecy of the TPP and other trade agreement processes.

Speakers : 

Dr Patricia Ranald, Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network: The TPP: secrecy, democracy and investor rights to sue governments.

Jon Edwards, Doctors without Borders (MSF) on the TPP and medicines (TBC).

Professor Kimberlee Weatherall, University of Sydney: TPP copyright proposals.

Sarah Agar, Choice consumer organisation: The TPP and food labelling.

Limited places – please RSVP by April 15 to campaign@aftinet.org.au

Also please sign and share these petitions and letters.

Read the latest TPP leak from WikiLeaks

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Rally against the #TPP 12:30pm this Friday 13th March at DFAT 123 Pitt Street Sydney

The TPP secret negotiations between Australia US, Japan and nine other countries are still dragging on. It’s because of voices like yours, from people around the world creating awareness about this dodgy deal that it’s yet to be signed, together we can (and must) stop it.
The US is driving the agenda on behalf of its War Profiteers like Haliburton’s CSG, Monsanto’s GMOs, Big-Pharmaceutical, Embedded Big-Media, Tobacco and other industries. TPP - dirtiest deal you've never heard of
We have to make sure that our government ‘behaves according to the wishes of the people’, as the danger is they will agree to shameful deals for higher medicine prices. Allowing foreign companies to sue future Governments if we modify or write new laws regarding our health, environment, workers’ rights, mining rights, copyright, TV restrictions to show Australian made and just about any aspect of society you can think of.

Thanks to WikiLeaks we have some idea of what’s going, no wonder they want to keep Assange locked up. 1st TPP Leak, 2nd TPP Leak.

The Stop TPP campaign is growing and is having an impact. See the GetUp video and sign the Sum of Us petition, read the recent front page article in the Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and the Canberra Times.
It seems that The Greens are the only political party in parliament that are trying to address the injustices of the TPP. For more info on who’s doing what regarding the TPP.
TPP negotiators are meeting secretly again on March 13, in the US.
Say no to shameful deals and call for the release of the TPP text before it is signed!
Join us with AFTINET and others Friday March 13 at 12.30 pm outside the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade office, Angel Place Bldg, 123 Pitt St, Sydney